When You Can’t Call Super Nanny

“I don’t want the government to give me health care, I want them to give me the Super Nanny!” says comedian Tim Hawkins  www.TimHawkins.net

Wouldn’t that be great? When the kids are whiny; Jo Frost shows up and tells them, “You have been very naughty. Go sit on the naughty stool. Straightaway!” When the kids refuse to go to bed, the Super Nanny waves her magic umbrella and the little rebels are instantly whisked off with smiles to sweet dreams. And when the husband and wife disagree on parenting, the Super Nanny demonstrates the negotiation skills of a diplomat as she ‘gets them on the same page’ with their parenting.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to call Super Nanny?

Well you may not want your family documented on national TV. But you still would like some expert help. How about someone coming to your home, but without the cameras and crew? Someone who can personally coach you on strategic discipline, instilling values, being consistent, and building a family mission? How about online video parent coaching?

I speak all over the country and I’m often asked, “How can we get parent coaching like you do in California?”  My answer has been, “I offer private online video coaching via Skype and iChat !” Many parents have tried it. Here’s what some of them have said:

“We realized that we were too busy and so were our kids. Video coaching helped us focus, prioritize, relax, connect and build memories. Tim Smith helped us discover a reasonable pace for family life.” – Todd R.
“As young parents, we were clueless about parenting. What we had strong opinions about, we disagreed. Coach Tim got us on the same page with values, vision, and discipline. Now we parent together and with confidence.” – Brent and Paige

“We heard Tim Smith speak in New York about ‘kids being over-scheduled and under-connected’. As two working professionals, we realized that he was speaking to us. We applied what we could from his Simple Solutions for Fast Lane Families book and seminar; but what helped us stay with it was the accountability and encouragement we get from our Video Coaching appointments. It’s like having him here in New York.” – Carlos and Felicia
“Parents Coach, Timothy Smith helped our family get through the teen years with our son. I don’t know that we would have made it without him. His de-parenting plan really worked. It prepared our son for college and it helped me to let go. Now I just check in as needed with a video session. It’s like a tune-up!”– Lori B.

But I have something better than Super Nanny coming to your house – ONLINE PARENT COACHING!

                       “So you are saying we need a strategy for parenting to keep us   from reacting to our kids? That’s a great idea, Tim.”

Contact me to try it out. All you need is a computer with Internet connection and a video camera and microphone. It’s easy, private and you don’t have to dress up or even leave home!

In the meantime, here’s your parenting tip: Focus on being clear, calm and consistent when giving your child guidance or discipline. Unfocused instructions frustrate kids. Anxious parents create anxious kids. Inconsistent parents make angry kids.

Your mantra, “I’m clear. calm, consistent . . . I’m clear, calm, consistent …”

Timothy Smith

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