“Parents Coach, Timothy Smith helped our family get through the teen years with our son. I don’t know that we would have made it without him. His de-parenting plan really worked. It prepared our son for college and it helped me to let go.”

– Lori B.

“We realized that we were too busy and so were our kids. We didn’t have time to relax, connect and build memories. Tim Smith helped us discover a reasonable pace for family life.”

– Todd R.

“As young parents, we were clueless about parenting. What we had strong opinions about, we disagreed. Coach Tim got us on the same page with values, vision, and discipline. Now we parent together and with confidence.”

– Brent and Paige

“We heard Tim Smith speak in New York about ‘kids being overscheduled and underconnected’. As two working professionals, we realized that he was speaking to us. We applied what we could from his Connecting With Your Kids book and seminar; but what helped us stay with it was the accountability and encouragement we get from our Skype Video Coaching appointments. It’s like having him here in New York.”

– Carlos and Felicia

“Tim is an insightful and patient coach. He challenges my thinking and trains me to solve problems. He has introduced love and respect into our marriage and got us off the crazy cycle.”

– Heather

“Tim’s tools have equipped me for better performance at work and a healthier marriage at home.”

– John

“Timothy has helped me with my teens – he can help you with yours.”

– Dr. John Trent, author and President of www.StrongFamilies.com

“Thanks for the seminar, everyone love it! I learned a lot, and appreciate the time you took to educate parents. I’ve received many positive comments, saying they really enjoyed it. You are an exceptional speaker.”

– Lisa Barron, Boys and Girls Club – Branch Director – Sequoia Middle School

Comments About Tim’s Presentations:

“You humbly and strategically blew us all away.”

Host in Austin, TX

“Tim was entertaining, practical and hopeful. As a single mom, he encouraged me.”

Stacy – Houston, TX

“I’m from an intense fast family. Tim showed us how to connect with our kids even though we each have very busy lives.”

Claudia – North Port, Long Island, NY

“I appreciated Tim’s positive and strategic approach to parenting and family life. So much content is negative and problem-centered. His was refreshing and focused on leveraging strengths, rather than dwelling on liabilities.”

Tom – Redondo Beach, CA

“My husband and I are going to apply ALL of what you taught us today about keeping romance alive all year; aren’t we honey?”
“Yes, dear. Whatever you say!”

The wife of a NFL Pro Bowler – NFL Pro Bowl – Hawaii

“Timothy Smith’s presentation to our parents was just what they needed to slow down, connect with their children and not be so driven or competitive.”

Samantha – Elementary Principal – Southern CA

“Even though my son is young, you gave me a 20 year plan on how to raise him with a strategy and with purpose. You inspired me to write our Family Mission Statement. Thanks.”

Kent – San Diego, CA

“Tim showed me how to accept and affirm my kids, even though they are different from me.”

Travis, Green, OH

“The Danger of Raising Nice Kids is an outstanding seminar for parents. Great suggestions. The best I’ve attended!”

Carmela, Queens, NY

Comments about Tim’s Resources:

“I’m too busy to read a book, so your audio book, The Relaxed Parent was perfect for my one-hour commutes. I’m not indulging my kids with stuff and activities. Instead, I’m learning how to connect and build a relationship with them. Your Countdown to Independence concept was just what I needed to let go of my hyper-control.”

– Tomas – Syosset, NY

“Finally, a plan for parenting that isn’t a quick fix! You’re the Danger of Raising Nice Kids has helped me discipline without overreacting. The 20 Year Parenting Plan really works. I am less anxious and more effective at home.”

– Bruce, The Woodlands, Texas

“Your 52 Family Time Ideas book is fantastic! It creates fond memories for families. We are sharing it with our friends, family, and church.”

– Ann – Shreveport, LA

“Thank you for publishing 52 Family Time Ideas. It has helped our family and other families to have fun together and talk about what is important. The materials, suggestions and messages in your book work great at home; but we also use it at church with the youth.”

-Derek and Barbie – Arden, ON Canada