Do I Have ADD?

"Our son doesn't turn in his homework, the very same homework we worked on with him the night before," said Bruce with frustration in his voice, "And report card season is traumatic for him and us. We cringe when we look at the comments section. We don't expect the grades to be that good, but we … [Read more...]

Happy Kids?

I always twitch a little when I hear a parent say, “All I want for my child is for him to be happy.” I think I react because I’m not sure if ‘happy’ is coming from a place of positivity and health, or from a darker place of fear and a frantic lifestyle. “I have two children, and all I want for … [Read more...]

The Strategic Parent – Becoming a Family of High Achievement

Some high performance children and teens drive themselves (and their parents) crazy trying to achieve their idealized version of success. Their obsession with perfection causes them to feel that anything less than perfect is a failure, and the only way to get attention is to be perfect. In this … [Read more...]

Gen iY: Training Capable Digital Natives

Have you noticed that today's kids are a little different than their older brothers and sisters? I research and write about millennials - our current generation born from 1984 to 2002, and I noticed a shift around 1991. It's unique because it's a Continental Divide within a generation. The younger … [Read more...]

Handling Hormonal Hurricanes

Research studies in North America are reporting that puberty is coming to children earlier. The teen years have expanded! We are seeing hormonal changes begin in girls as young as eight years old, and in boys as young as nine. These changes occur before you may even notice signs of puberty, like … [Read more...]

Your Kid is a Digital Native, and You Aren’t

For every hour that we spend on digital communication or entertainment (texting, Facebook, You Tube, etc) a half hour of meaningful face-to-face interaction is lost. (Stanford University) Most of us are feeling the disconnection. Families are feeling disconnected. Most feel too rushed and too … [Read more...]

Digital Native Parenting

“The high-tech revolution has disrupted much of the basic life-skills learning that in prior generations would have taken place in almost any tight-knit family. Today, nuclear family members may still live under one roof, but they often substitute cyber interactions for traditional social exchanges … [Read more...]

Woodstock and Digital Natives

Forty years ago young people met in a muddy field at Woodstock to get away from their 'square' parents and be cool and groove to 'their' music. The generation gap was huge, with parents considered 'out of it' and not to be trusted. "Don't trust anyone over thirty," was the mantra of the era for … [Read more...]