Need a plan for parenting? Need a strategy to get on the same page? Could you be focused on the wrong metric for success? Are your kids ‘nice’ but not prepared for life? Then you need The Danger of Raising Nice Kids -Preparing Our   Children to Change Their World.  Help your   kids be courageous, compassionate, content and committed to be be stand-up kids in a lie-down world. 

 – Create your family mission statement

– Define what you want your child to be at 18

– Raising capable, independent young adults

– Discipline that works

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Are you in the frantic majority of Americans that feel that you don’t have time or skills to connect with your kids? 72% of Americans surveyed reported that they feel hurried and distracted to have meaningful interaction with those they love the most.

Are you interested in the moral and spiritual development of your child? Do you want to have meaningful conversations with your child, but you don’t seem to have the time? What would you do for twenty minutes with your kids if you had the time?

You may want a digital or print copy of Tim Smith’s newest book: 52 Creative Family Time Experiences – Fun Ways To Bring Faith Home (Randall House, 2012). Learn how to capture those fleeting minutes in the morning, on the way to school, after to school, at meals and bedtime. Use the informal times to connect on what really matters, using your child’s learning style. Included is a matrix of 36 impression points you can make with your child. Plus 52 casual, but intentional and fun family experiences that take only twenty minutes to build a long-lasting memory.

  • Simple & fun ways to connect
  • Adaptations for pre-school & teens
  • A flexible & customizable plan for all families
  • Plus 12 Holidays and special occasion experiences (Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Back to School, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, etc.)

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Feel like a taxi service for your kids? Don’t have enough one-on-one time with your children? Wish there was more time to relax? Every family runs at a certain pace. If you feel like yours is hurried and frantic, maybe it’s time to take back control of your life and your long list of responsibilities and activities. It’s time to rediscover the joy of being a family!  8 out of 10 Americans say they experience stress on a regular basis. We need – Simple Solutions for Families in The Fast Lane.  Including: Why Do We Rush?; The Four Heartprints: Cruiser, Walker, Runner & Bi-Athlete; Getting Out of the Fast Lane and The Refreshing Family.  

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“Simple Solutions for Families in the Fast Lane is a must if you want to move from all the rush to genuine closeness, caring, and rest.” – John Trent, Ph.D. President