Timothy Smith presents to fifty audiences each year including Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs); PTA groups at public schools, Parenting workshops, Conventions and Businesses.

His most requested presentation is The Danger of Raising Nice Kidspreparing our kids to change their world

  • Nice is not enough
  • Nine qualities that parents often don’t teach
  • ABC’s you and your child need to know
  • Creating your twenty-year parenting strategy
  • Developing your family mission statement

We will also deal with:

  • Perfect teeth, twisted hearts
  • Sidetracked by externals
  • Parenting On Purpose
  • Growing Stand-up Kids In a Lay-Down World

The length of the workshop can be adjusted to fit your time slot between 45 minutes and 3 hours.

Based on Timothy Smith’s bestselling book by IVP; this presentation is for parents of kids 2 to 20.
Two versions: general audience (public schools) and faith-based (Christian schools, church).

Recently, I was on Fox & Friends talking about Bullies, Wimps and The Danger of Raising Nice Kids. To see the video, click on the link or the photo :

Fox & Friends - The Parents Coach on 'nice kids'

Other parenting presentations:

Simple Solutions for Families in the Fast Lane

Feel like a taxi service for your kids? Don’t have enough one-on-one time with your children or your spouse? Wish there was more time in the day to relax?

You are not alone. 72% of families with school aged kids report that they are too busy to connect and their frantic pace is taking it’s toll on their families. Most of us are over-scheduled and under-connected.

Every family runs at a certain pace. If you feel like yours is hurried and frantic, maybe it’s time to take back control of your schedule and help your family connect with each other. Timothy Smith offers realistic, simple solutions for busy families on how to connect and design a pace that is healthy for every family member.

There are four paces that people like to go through life. Do you know yours’? Do you know your child’s? Most families want to slow down and connect, but don’t know how. Tim shows how busy, healthy families connect. It’s time to rediscover the joy of being a family!


  • Breathless pounding
  • Reasons why we rush
  • Discovering your heartprint (your unique pace)
  • A cadence for connecting
  • Success at work vs. success at home
  • Becoming the refreshing family

Did you notice that children born from 1990 to 2002 are different from older Gen Y – Millennials? Their brains have literally been shaped by technology: Internet, iTunes, iTouch, iPad, and YouTube make it a very ‘i-centered world’ for today’s kids.

How do we communicate with them; guide them and train them to be capable?

Gen iY – Parenting Capable Digital Natives – a  2-3 hour presentation covers:

  • Their world is not ours (Digital immigrants vs. natives)
  • Tips for effective communication
  • Tiger Mom vs. Koala Dad
  • Overscheduled and underconnected kids and teens
  • Coping with stress and achievement overload
  • Challenging entitlement
  • What your teen needs most
  • ABC’s of effective discipline with Gen iY
  • Motivating your sofa-oriented kid

Presented with humor, media and practical solutions.

Digital Natives