I love coaching and speaking to parents, but honestly,  most of us are too busy to attend a three-hour parenting seminar at our kid’s school or at our church.

Recent research indicates that 72% of American families with school age kids are over-scheduled and under connected. Other research indicates that most families want to be healthy, but they don’t have the skills or a model to aspire to.


Today’s on-demand parents, get most of their parenting content from friends (online sharing and face to face) or by searching online.

So how can we equip today’s busy mom and dad?  


Solution: ParentsCoachTV   

ParentsCoachTV is our digital content source for parents at all stages and types of families. PCTV offers quick solutions for the on-demand generation. Produced for Netflix Families. including short format videos, and a corresponding blog.  In our field-test, we discovered a huge increase in engagement vs. the old-school parenting seminar or newsletter.

Imagine receiving coaching on your smart phones as you wait in your minivan for soccer practice to end; on your lunch break; on your commute; or in between meetings? Three categories: Pre-school, Elementary, & Teens (Middle School and High School).

Check out a few samples below or at Vimeo 


Pre-schoolers                                      images

I’ll never forget when our first child entered our home. Our lives, and our sleep would never be the same. Here is what I’ve learned about shaping our young children in those early years. Since so much parenting stuff is directed towards moms, I’m aiming this video towards the dads. Guys, do you know what you daughter needs? Here are the essentials:



Elementary Kids:      NJzaTHTBPAVE3Q_72gNXa3gEyECiC674NxTNIVT4_w_oIMy-Z5iHP1I3Los63rDC8Qe6vGw=s101

As parents, we want our kids to have lots of enrichment. But can there be too much activity and stimulation? At what point is too much going on? We don’t want to be the slacker parents who doesn’t have her kids in the ‘right’ activities. But we don’t want to be the hyper parent who has his kids in too many? How much is enough? Is it okay to be Less Than Perfect 

Teens:        images-10

Academics, athletics, arts, appearances and activities consume the lives of most of our teens. But are these the most helpful metrics to measure a capable, healthy and prepared young person?

What is The Danger of Raising Nice Kids?   

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