The Blur of Being a Parent

The school year is about to start, and you may already feel like you are behind. Like many parents, you may be overwhelmed. But you want to do things differently this year: simpler, with more clarity and less clutter. But you don’t have much time. It’s enough to make you long for summer!



We have a solution! Just in time for the new school year we have a new innovative digital resource for you busy parents – ParentsCoachTV offers short videos for parents of preschool kids, elementary children and teens; and for all types of families (single, step, two-parent, grandparents, etc.). You can view a three minute video on The Relaxed Parent while you stand in line at the grocery store.  You can read a short blog on dealing with your middle schooler while on your lunch break at work.

Check out the free samples:


We will be producing dozens of these vlogs and making them available to parent groups, schools, churches and businesses on a subscription basis. Contact for info.