Live Happy

images-5 Healthy families choose happiness. Small daily habits compound over time and generate happiness, meaning and contentment in families. Regardless of challenges, families can be strong. Any kind of family: single parent family, step families, two-parent families, and families with grandparents serving as the primary caretaker of their grand children. Families can remain strong, resilient and supportive of each other.

One way to enhance happiness is to nurture relationships with positive words and positive acts. Research has shown that families that intentionally choose to daily nurture family relationships with positive words, tend to be healthier, happier and do better in life, school and sports!

We’ve also discovered that intentionally choosing regular acts of kindness makes us happier: smiling at those who serve us, greeting those we pass by, saying “Thank you,” and small acts of gratitude and assistance make us happier.

Thursday, March 20 is International Day of Happiness. Do your part. Create an act of happiness with your kids. Post it to and share it with your friends using #happyacts. Ask them to do the same. Let’s spread happiness throughout the world – beginning with our family. For more ideas for your family, check out


Happiness happens not when life is easy, comfortable or most pleasurable, but when life is most meaningful.