What is Coaching?

I’m often asked, “What is coaching?”  I typically respond that my style of coaching is a hybrid between a counselor and a sports coach. I’m trained in educational psychology and have spent years studying how people grow. Here’s what I’m discovering: People grow when they have someone encouraging them to grow. Coaching is encouraging people to be healthy and grow – personally, in their relationships, in their marriage and with their parenting. My coaching approach is positive and based on the wellness model vs. a medical model. We want to give you skills and habits for wellness, not a diagnostic label. We want you to discover how to be a healthy, happy person with meaningful relationships and a healthy, fun family.


But I also have been an athletic coach and have learned that people grow when they are accountable to someone. So as a coach, I offer solutions. I’ll say, “How about trying this, this week?” I often write down my assignment on a card and give it to my client. I’m finding that my clients do the work and make changes 80% of the time by taking small steps in the right direction.

Benefits to Working With The Parents Coach

  1. I will help you develop clarity
  2. Together, we will create – strategies, measurable steps and outcomes.
  3. I will help you discover your strengths and learn new skills.
  4. We will creatively design ways to optimize your environment.
  5. We will identify the roadblocks that sidetrack you or get you stuck, and get you back on course towards the life you’ve always wanted.


I offer four kinds of coaching: Parent CoachingFamily Coaching (parents & kids), Couples Coaching and Personal Coaching for adults, children and teens. The goal of coaching is effective and healthy living and relationships. It is positive-focused and solution-oriented.

Is coaching for you? Would you like help with?

  • Getting past a personal hurdle
  • Improving your relationship as a couple
  • Parenting challenges
  • Balancing work and family
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Personal drive, purpose and significance
  • Creating a healthy home
  • Strengthening your marriage
  • Learning to be more confident socially
  • Discovering and implementing your unique personal strengths

If you said yes to any of these, then coaching may be for you. Contact me to talk about a customized coaching strategy for you. tim@parentscoach.org or call 805-376-3500