The Strategic Parent – Becoming a Family of High Achievement

Some high performance children and teens drive themselves (and their parents) crazy trying to achieve their idealized version of success. Their obsession with perfection causes them to feel that anything less than perfect is a failure, and the only way to get attention is to be perfect. In this … [Read more...]

Handling Hormonal Hurricanes

Research studies in North America are reporting that puberty is coming to children earlier. The teen years have expanded! We are seeing hormonal changes begin in girls as young as eight years old, and in boys as young as nine. These changes occur before you may even notice signs of puberty, like … [Read more...]

Your Kid is a Digital Native, and You Aren’t

For every hour that we spend on digital communication or entertainment (texting, Facebook, You Tube, etc) a half hour of meaningful face-to-face interaction is lost. (Stanford University) Most of us are feeling the disconnection. Families are feeling disconnected. Most feel too rushed and too … [Read more...]

Always Daddy’s Girl

I remember when my daughter was born. I told my friends, who were visiting at the hospital, "She's a miracle! Isn't she remarkably beautiful?" They smiled and nodded politely. "How amazing she is!" I made it, I mused.  "She is unusually intelligent. I can tell at forty-eight hours," I … [Read more...]