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Parenting Blog

March Madness

I'm excited to see some of my favorite teams make the Sweet Sixteen for college basketball.  I've been watching lots of games so I can see how my … [Read More...]

Challenging ‘Spring Fever’

I meet with students everyday, and it seems like most of them are more excited about spring break than learning. I get it. The pressures and … [Read More...]

“I Want My Child To Be Happy”

I always twitch a little when I hear a parent say, “All I want for my child is for him to be happy.” I think I react because I’m not sure if … [Read More...]

The Relaxed Parent – Helping Your Kids Do More As You Do Less

TIME/CNN surveyed 1,015 parents and reported that 2/3 feel that their kids “are spoiled”. 80% of the parents think it’s worse now than it was a … [Read More...]