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March Madness

I’m eager to see the NCAA Basketball tournament begin this month. Let March Madness begin!  I’ve noticed that winning teams have a few things in common: They have fans and a rowdy band They have a coach who believes in them And they have cheerleaders who appear very positive and energetic Our children and teens need […]

The Problem With Raising A Prince

I have to admit it, I have a problem with the prince and princess mentality I see emerging in some families. I enjoy the fairy tales; the Disney franchise that introduces preschoolers to the epic stories through media, merchandise, and theme park experiences; and the ideas of a quest to win the princess, fight the dragon, or find […]

Healthy Families – Healthy Businesses

Families, like businesses have a system and a culture. Some look attractive, even successful, but if you look deeper, they actually may be unhealthy. Your family and your work are the two most important organizations in your life. Are yours’ healthy? Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in business, and it is essential […]