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“I used to get A’s and B’s, but after those kids teased me and called me names, I started getting D’s. They got into my head. I don’t even like them. Actually, I don’t even know them, so why should I care what they say or think?” asked thirteen year-old Noah. “I used to walk […]

March Madness

I’m eager to see the NCAA Basketball tournament begin this month. Let March Madness begin!  I’ve noticed that winning teams have a few things in common: They have fans and a rowdy band They have a coach who believes in them And they have cheerleaders who appear very positive and energetic Our children and teens need […]

The Problem With Raising A Prince

I have to admit it, I have a problem with the prince and princess mentality I see emerging in some families. I enjoy the fairy tales; the Disney franchise that introduces preschoolers to the epic stories through media, merchandise, and theme park experiences; and the ideas of a quest to win the princess, fight the dragon, or find […]