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The Relaxed Parent – Helping Your Kids Do More As You Do Less

TIME/CNN surveyed 1,015 parents and reported that 2/3 feel that their kids “are spoiled”. 80% of the parents think it’s worse now than it was a … [Read More...]


Happy New Year! We have twelve months ahead of us. A blank slate. It's an opportunity for new habits, new traditions and fresh ways to connect and … [Read More...]

What is Coaching?

I'm often asked, "What is coaching?"  I typically respond that my style of coaching is a hybrid between a counselor and a sports coach. I'm trained … [Read More...]

Dealing With School Stress

“I have a 4.4 GPA, study during lunch, on the volleyball team, attend youth group weekly and just went on a mission trip with my church; but my dad … [Read More...]